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“She’s the kind of dog you want to run away with,” she said. Her tiny snout was white and angelic, her brow was wide and dark.

A true mix of power and honey, her muscles contracted below her puppy ribs.

I’m not suggesting at that men aren’t caretakers, but our maternal instinct is hard-wired — it’s not something we can just switch off.

As Jody Sidote, a former animal control officer, told me, “A woman's relationship with her pit bull is based on trust and loyalty.

When Daisy ran to the door — even in her old age when she was basically deaf, her eyes were stricken by cataracts and she limped from arthritis — delivery men, the UPS guy, the plumber, moving truck dudes, dogs — Yorkshires, Pomeranians, Maltese — dogs that can fit into a carry-on bag or a purse. A woman owning a big dog or a dog considered to be “aggressive” by the public was once thought of as a statement of dominance.

Dogs that represent our feminine, delicate flower sides. Yet I spoke to a dozen or more women who agreed that their big dogs had nothing to do with a power trip.

A few famous women have managed to shake that image. Their big dogs were “gentle giants,” or “gentle and kind” or described as sweet family dogs who were lazy around the house, or who took up most of the bed.

One woman found her calling to be a pit owner after hearing about Michael Vick’s dog fighting case.I use big in quotes because compared to a 140-pound mastiff, pits, which can range from 25 to 80 pounds, fall under the category of “big dog” purely by reputation.Though over the past 20 years we’ve seen all sorts of awful news stories about pits — just recently, a pit bull was shot and left for dead on an Arizona mountaintop until a female hiker found him, carried him down the mountain for an hour and then adopted him — pits were known as “nanny dogs” in the late 1800s.“Big doesn't equate aggressive.”Same goes for Marci O’Connor, a Canadian writer who told me about her two 80-pound Labernese dogs.(Labernese is part Labrador Retriever, part Bernese Mountain Dog.) “I specifically chose big dogs because I wanted them to be robust for the kids' sake and also offer the of safety for me.

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But as I gazed at the line of dogs tied up to the fence outside of Borough Hall, I dreamt about this puppy looking for a home — and all I knew was that I wanted to give her one. Daisy followed me through two marriages, one divorce, two children, two houses, graduate school and a major home renovation.

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