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Not even one of the terrestrial ones, but one of the weird ones who lives in space and fights the Silver Surfer and drives a spaceship shaped like a brain. (We have to discuss exactly what that entails, given the online nature of this relationship, but I promised myself I'd at least address everything you said before giving you a Dad Lecture.) On one hand, the examples you gave in favor of his liking you seem pretty blatant.

I guess that's a fitting scenario to summon me from retirement to write an Ask Jono, but I think you're being unfair to yourself, because you're doing exactly the normal amount of thinking for someone in this situation. On the other hand, people can take flirtiness really far and say a lot of sentimental things they don't mean literally.

I realize that you came to me asking if a boy likes you, and I have somehow already transitioned past that and onto the part where I'm lecturing you that he is bad for your career. I've taken a pretty negative stance about long-distance relationships in the past (arms crossed, eyes shut tight, tongue sticking out, legs karate-kicking wildly), but that doesn't mean I think they're always doomed, or that this one is a bad idea.

There's still a chance he's just saying stuff without considering how it is received, as boys are wont to do.

Here are the points that indicate that he could me (all of which are more recent than the sister and not attracted comments).

On various occasions, he has said that I am beautiful, a catch, deserve someone who treats me like royalty, and that any guy who gets me is lucky.

I tried to ask him nicely to stop, and he did for about a month before going full force again. As I said, though, I eventually came to the conclusion that the best thing for me to do was ignore him, even if a lot of lies and false accusations against me were left unanswered.

However, his focus recently has been on the 4-year-old "toots" situation.

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He's joked a couple times about marrying me after I finish college, saying that I've met his requirements for being his bride due to my singing a song he loves, being awesome, and a nerd.