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Purcell: Dido and Aeneas [both are opera examples, but they are quite distinctly different in style and sound] Monteverdi: a male vocalist (Orpheus) sings in a relatively free dramatic rhythm by a over a thin and harmonically- basso continuo accompaniment Purcell: "Dido's Lament" a female (Dido) sings smooth vocal lines in a steady tempo over a fuller orchestral accompaniment -JS Bach: Cantata No. Handel: "Every Valley Shall Be Exalted" from Messiah Bach is completely fugal on the "Vivaldi: flashy solo violin part vs.

orchestra; clear tonal harmony; programmatic effects Bach: Uses flute/violin/harpsichord as its "solo group" (concertino) vs.

Missa Pange Lingua By Josquin des Prez (1440-1521).

Published by Chester Music (HL.14026186) Ave Maria (For Mixed Voices (S.

The Oxford Camerata is not in as good form as on their highly recommended Obrecht disc--for example, they simply sing through the complex rhythms rather than playing them up--but the notes and tuning are certainly in place.

Until the Clerks' Group's Ockeghem series on ASV gets to the piece, this CD will do--especially at Naxos's low price.

The only reason we remember an obscure duke of Ferrara is that Josquin wove that odd memorial around his name. With his linguist's mind, his mathematician's mind -- his wide-ranging genius mind -- he redirected western music.

At the end, he bequeathed his house and land to the Church of Notre Dame in Condé.

Historians finally saw that Josquin himself told us how he wanted his name spelled in a five-voice motet, .

You will have three to four minutes per example to answer all four associated questions.

For each example, I will choose a section that will clearly represent the composer/piece/style/term; however, I will not necessarily start at the beginning of a piece, especially in vocal examples that would give away the title of the work, and I may not use the exact recording that is available on the following Divide the examples into logical categories and compare examples that are similar: Listen to the examples and try to hear the details listed below (don't just memorize the details without listening--this will not help you) : open intervals at cadences (perfect 4th, 5th, 8ve), no imitation, unpredictable complex rhythms with each voice part being completely independent Palestrina: points of imitation, smooth vocal lines, full triads at cadences - vs.

Born: Circa 1450-1455, near San Quentin on the France/Belgium border Died: August 27, 1521, in Condé-sur-l’Escaut, France Nationality: French Genre: Renaissance Performed as: Singer/director in chapel choirs During the composer's lifetime: Michelangelo painted the Sistine Chapel ceiling.

The first book of music printed from movable type was published by Ottaviano Petrucci of Venice (1501).

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He asked the church's singers to stop by his house during festival processions and sing his settings of the . I am grateful to Carol Lienhard for considerable expertise and assistance with this episode.