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A hastily assembled Polish counterattack was not successful and most of Bautzen was then recaptured after several days of bloody house-to-house combat.

Several remaining pockets of resistance in the town were cleared during the next days.

Bronikowski then lost no time and immediately ordered an attack into Bautzen.

Coordinating with the trapped troops, he was able to break into the town.

According to one historian, the Battle of Bautzen was one of the Polish Army's bloodiest battles.

After the battle both sides claimed victory and modern views as to who won the battle remain contradictory.

For a while Świerczewski was out of communication with his superiors, including Marshal Konev.

Soviet 14th and Soviet 95th guards rifle divisions, as well as the Soviet 4th Guards Tank Corps, were ordered to attack toward Kamenz, Königswartha and Sdier to stop the Germans from advancing further north.

The 8th Infantry Division was also recalled; however, the 9th remained near Dresden.

The battle's outcome is now generally seen in Poland as a very costly victory for the Soviets and their Polish allies.

On 18 and 19 April elements of the Second Army (the 8th Infantry Division and 1st Armored Corps) engaged the Germans in the south and pushed them back while the remaining units (5th, 7th, 9th and 10th infantry divisions) drove on to Dresden, gaining bridgeheads on the River Spree north of Bautzen and destroying German forces in the Muskauer Forst.

The battle took place during Ivan Konev's 1st Ukrainian Front's push toward Berlin, which was part of the larger Soviet Berlin Offensive.

The battle was fought in the town of Bautzen (Polish: ) and the rural areas to the northeast situated primarily along the Bautzen–Niesky line.

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In its subsequent breakout on 24 April, large parts of the 294th Division were destroyed.

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