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Ms project dates not updating

You should always be aware of what your Project Start Date is and be ready for the effect on your schedule.If you change the Project Start Date using the Project Information dialog box (found under Task constraints often make linking tasks and setting successor start dates a little confusing.If you think a date or a link is acting strangely, then don’t give up.Project is doing what it was designed to do; you just need to hang in there and understand how Project deals with dates, links, and constraints as it schedules your tasks.If you key a start date for a task, Project will change the default constraint from As Soon As Possible (ASAP) to Start No Earlier Than (SNET) for the date you specified.Likewise, if you key a finish date for a task, Project will change the default constraint from As Soon As Possible (ASAP) to Finish No Earlier Than (FNET) for that date.Chances are pretty good that once you understand the mechanics behind it, you’ll agree with the automation.

In this series, we’ll explore how Project’s scheduling algorithms use links, constraints, preset options, and dates to automatically set your task start and finish dates.

The key is to understand the sense behind Project’s priorities when setting task dates.

The main considerations to make are listed below: Project provides a lot of help to spot these potential problems.

As seen in Figure 3, a pane appears on the left side of your screen showing the reasons why a Task Start Date may have the value it does.

This series covers several of the tests carried out by the inspector as well as several extra factors that come into play so that you do not have to use the inspector every time.

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If Task 23 ends on 11/19, you might expect Task 24 to start on 11/20, but as Figure 7 illustrates, MS Project honors the Start No Earlier Than constraint and keeps Task 24 scheduled for 11/26.

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