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However, the study authors said, all three skulls belonged to adults between the ages of 20 and 50. So far, 408 skull fragments have been uncovered at the site, but just a few show signs of this unique carving. Did the carvings brand these particular skulls as important people in the community? The authors also noted that the cuts do not appear to be decorative and therefore probably had a more utilitarian purpose.

It is possible that the drill hole at the top of one of the skulls might have been used to suspend it with a cord.

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There was likely drumming and singing going on — and skulls, dangling.”Archaeologists working in the region have uncovered “skull nests,” piles of skulls, that have been separated from the rest of their skeletons, as well as skulls that appear to have been decorated with ocher or covered in clay.

Many of these skulls also feature scrape marks, suggesting they were dug up after burial and subsequently stripped of any remaining tissue.

The bone was cut — and in one case, drilled — while it was still elastic, suggesting the modifications were made when the skull was still in an early state of decay.

Like most of the bone material discovered at Goebekli Tepe, the skulls were in fragments, so it’s difficult to glean much information about them.

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Although archaeologists have been working there for more than two decades, they have excavated less than 10% of the site, Clare said.

In the meantime, Gresky said she imagines these prehistoric people carving the skulls of their ancestors to mark them as special, or maybe to perform some act of commemoration.

If that’s the case, the straight grooves might have been carved into the bone to help keep a string in place along the curved part of the skull.“We interpret these grooves as a way to hold the skull together,” Clare said. The grooves would have supported a string that could have been wound around the skull and kept it from slipping off.”The carved skulls are not the only evidence that a skull cult probably existed at Goebekli Tepe, Gresky said.

Symbols at the site suggest that skulls played an important role in rites that took place at the temple.

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Human-shaped depictions from Goebekli Tepe in Turkey include an intentionally decapitated human statue, left, a gift bearer holding a human head in his hands, and a pillar showing a headless individual with one arm raised, at bottom right.

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