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Research has shown that not feeling ready financially is the single largest factor inhibiting marriage among cohabiting couples in the U. In NYC, despite all those single men, young women earn 117% of what young men earn.

How can we justify the veritable anarchy that is the dating world when we accept government regulation in so many other areas of our lives that are deeply personal and important?

There is no universal standard for attraction in the dating market because a variety of local conditions create micro markets. by local sex ratios explains some things about why dating may be easy or difficult in certain locales.

They include the sex ratio, other demographics, the local economy, race, religion, politics, education and even natural resources. One study looked at the Operational Sex Ratio: OSR = #sexually active males/#sexually receptive females Not surprisingly, the study concludes that it’s a simple case of supply vs.

Conversely, in an environment where the OSR is female biased, males tend to pursue short-term mating as long as possible.

The lower intrasexual competition associated with a relative shortage of male competitors allows them to decrease resource expenditures and avoid marital commitments.

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It’s no joke that women are generally miserable dating there. In related news, a record number of 20-somethings are living at home with their parents.