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Tite cam

If your round spring bars have the curve in the end, like part # RP58115, then the dual cam system, # RP26002, will work with your system.

If your spring bars have straight ends like part # PS58441, you will not be able to use the dual cam system without changing out the spring bars.

I have a draw-tite round bar head assembly rated 10,000# with 1000# bars and towing a 6000# TT with 980# TW if any of that matters.asked by: Mike The Reese and Draw-Tite products are manufactured by the same parent company, this means that the # 26102 and # 26002, Dual Cam Sway Control systems are the same, but there is a difference in the generations of the systems.

The older systems had Hanger Brackets that were straight like part # 58192, 2nd generation systems were re-engineered and had curved hanger brackets like you see on part # RP26002, that you referenced.

If you would prefer to speak to us about world wide shipping, please call on 44 (0)1235 512500 or you can email our Exports Team on We hold vast stocks and are able to deliver the majority of the products within this range next day.Based in Oxfordshire (UK), Action Sealtite has been manufacturing and distributing camlock couplings worldwide since the company began over 35 years ago.It therefore comes as no surprise, that the world famous brands SnaplockĀ® and Eco Cam are both Action Sealtite brands.Stopping a line for maintenance issues can be frustrating but most of all can incur costs while production is halted. The products are comprised of two parts, a male adaptor and a female coupler, which when connected creates a fixed joint for hose or pipelines.Make sure you have the right components on the shelf to avoid costly down time. No tools are required, making this an easy, quick and clean solution.

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Grip-Tite Tools also serve as a nut or bolt starter.